More than 20 group classes included with membership!

Group exercise is available all day long and offers a variety of different opportunities for strengthening, stretching and burning off some calories. Check out some of our offerings.



Heart-pumping classes designed to burn calories for overall health.

Athletic conditioning

Interval workouts and warm-ups modified to each person's level.  

Brazilian Groove

Infuses Brazilian martial art Capoeira with Samba and other Afro-Brazilian dances.        


Exhilarating high-energy cardio dance.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Challenging interval cardio training to build muscle and burn fat.


Focusing on legs and mid-section using karate kicks and boxing techniques.

power Pound

Drumming-inspired cardio session to your favorite tunes using Ripstix weights.

Sunrise Cycle

Classic cycle class while enjoying the beauty of sunrise.


High-powered dance class to predominately Latin music.


Tone & Stretch

Increase flexibility and core strength to prevent injury and improve range of motion.

mat Pilates

Use the mind and body to enhance core stability, increase flexibility and improve posture.

Spirit Stretch

Movement, static poses, and stretching combined with mindful breath work.



Increase your metabolism and build lean mass for a stronger, healthier body.


Abs, core and lower leg workout using weights and body weight.

Hard core 360

Challenge your core strength, learn to balance, and test your stability.

Iron Sharpens Iron Kettle bell

Full body strength and core kettle bell workout

Shed and shred Circuit training

Sculpt muscles through strength training and lean our through cardio exercises.

Strength training

Full-body strength class to help you gain muscle and tone up.

TOtal body burn

Challenging high-repetition workouts to focus on muscle become strong and lean.

Tabata Full-Body Bootcamp

High-intensity interval training – 4 minutes of 20 second intervals with 10 second rest.

Zumba Toning

High-powered dance class to Latin music using light weights..



Sports can be a motivating way to stay fit and a fun way to make new connections and build camaraderie.

Adult Open Gym Basketball

Open teams playing ball at 3860 W. Ogden Ave.


Practice the martial art forms of TaeKwonDo. All levels welcome.

TaeKwonDo Olympic*

Introduction to the sport of TaeKwonDo for all levels (includes body contact).

* Additional Fees Apply.



Youth classes are offered for kids between the ages of 3-15 and aim to keep them fit, active and healthy.


Please note: at LCFC, we take the safety of your kids very seriously. That’s why we ask that children under 16 are always accompanied by an adult, unless they are are participating in a class. For more information, see our regulations here.


Learn and practice a variety of dance styles for ages 3-6.

Biddy movement

Through a variety of games, your little one will acquire new motor skills, ages 3-6.

Creative Dance

Learn and practice a variety of dance styles for ages 5-11. 

Recreation Hour

Fun and active organized games and play for youth ages 5-11.


Practice the martial art forms of TaeKwonDo. All levels welcome, ages 5+.


Introduction to the sport of TaeKwonDo for all levels (includes body contact), ages 5+.

* Additional Fees Apply.



Medically-based classes are offered for our senior members Monday-Friday mornings. Limited transportation is available.


Exercising with Arthritis

This class is for those with arthritis and musculoskeletal conditions.

Silversneakers Classic®

A bilingual class for active seniors that use basic exercises.

Silversneakers® Cardio Circuit

A cardiovascular focus on strength and endurance.

Zumba Gold

Ideal for active, older participants and those just starting their fitness journey.